Top 10 venomous snakes of the world

Top 10 venomous (poisonous) snakes of the world

Top 10 venomous snake, snake image
Top 10 Venomous snake of the world

Many species of living being are found on the earth. Among them snake is one. Snake is reptiles animal. There are around 3500 species of snake are found in the world but  600 of them are venomous. All the venomous  snake are dangerous for living beings. Here is the collection of top 10 venomous snakes of the world.

Here is the list of to 10  venomous snakes of the world:

world venomous snake, Belchers Sea Snake
Belchers Sea Snake

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1: Belchers Sea Snake – 1st from top 10 venomous snakes of the world

It is found south east Asia and northern part of Australia. Generally belchers Sea Snake bite the people who are in under water because these snakes lives in Sea.

venomous snake, world top snake, inland taipan
Inland Taipan

2: Inland Taipan – 2nd from top 10 venomous snakes of the world

Inland Taipan is the most poisonous snake found in land. It release around 100 mg poison in single bite. Dangerous for human being as well as all animals.

Eastern Brown Snake, venomous snake
Eastern Brown Snake

3: Eastern Brown Snake – 3rd from top 10 venomous snakes of the world

Generally it is found in Australia. People will die within 5 minute from bite of Eastern Brown Snake.

Rattle Snake, venomous snake
Rattle Snake

4: Rattle Snake – 4th from top 10 venomous snakes of the world

Rattle is the most poisonous snake of north america. The tail is different from others snake.The baby of this snake is more dangerous than younger one. It is because poison is decrease due to the increase of its body. It has haemotoxic poison.


5: Death Adder

Death Adder found in Australia. Death Adder also eat others snake.It has neurotoxic poison. It releases 100 mg of poison in single bite.

Saw Scaled Viper
Saw Scaled Viper

6: Saw Scaled Viper

People were dead under half an hour from bite of saw scaled viper.Saw Scaled Viper is found in India,China and south east Asia.Most responsive for the death of people from snake bite in India. It run here and there for searching its food in rainy season.

Philippine Cobra
Philippine Cobra

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7: Philippine Cobra

Phillippine Cobra spray poison instead of bite. It spray poison from 3 meter away from it’s pray.poison is neurotoxics. After the bite of Philippine cobra victim cannot breath properly which cause heart attack and the victim will dead under half an hour.

 Tiger Snake
Tiger Snake

8:Tiger Snake

Found in Australia and has very powerful neurotoxics poison.People will die under half an hour from bite of tiger snake but generally it not bite like others snake.

black mamba
black mamba

9: Black Mamba

Black mamba is also a one of the most venomous snake and found in Africa. Maximum number of people are died from bite of black mamba in Africa. It is the fastest snake of the world. Black mamba run 20 km/hr to catch the pray. When it feel danger, it bite continue 10 to 12 times and releases 400 mg poison. Which is neurotoxics. 1 milligram of poison can take life of human beings.


10: Taipan

Taipan is one of the most venomous snake of the world but mainly found in Australia. It is second dangerous snake of the Australia. 12000 Pets can be dead from poison release by Tipan in single bite. its poison is Neurotoxics. If this snake bite someone then he/she will die under 1 hour because taipan is very poisonous snake.

Which is most venomous snake of world?

Belchers Sea Snake is most venomous snake of world

where does Belchers Sea Snake found ?

Belchers Sea Snake mostly found sea and ocean.

What are top 10 venomous snake of world ?

1: Belchers Sea Snake 2: Inland Taipan 3: Eastern Brown Snake 4: Rattle Snake 5: Death Adder 6: Saw Scaled Viper 7: Philippine Cobra 8: Tiger Snake 9: Black Mamba 10: Taipan

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