Best 5 way to earn money online in 2021

Best 5 way to earn money online in 2021

We all know the everyone wants to earn a lot at present. someone wants to earn money from without going any where. Due to the help of online earning people can earn money from their home. The best way to earn money online is here.

YouTube – way of o line earning

Youtube is most trusted video sharing company. Where we can share our content to youtube for that youtube will pay you according to advertisement shown in your video. Millions of people are earning from youtube at present. You can get youtube as apk in playstore for android and in appstore for ios . Youtube is one of the largest video creating company. In order to earn from youtube. You most share video in youtube and get your channel monetized.After monetization ads will run in your video for that youtube will pay you. It is common way of earning money online by creating video.
Follow this steps to earn money from youtube
* Creat a youtube channel
*make channel to meet policy of youtube
* Share your content to youtube
* Link with your adsense account


To earn from blogging. You most have a website. where you can write an article about any thing you like. You can write about any that you know well. That may be related to entertainment, education etc. The more your site rank in google the more you earn. You can earn from your web site according to ads shown in your website.
Follow this steps to earn from blogging
* Create a website
* write articles ( That must be SEO friendly)
* Link with your adsense account


Gram free is an website. Which is trusted by millions of people . Today at present million of people are earning from gram free website. You have to do simple task daily. Such that
Do smart contact daily
Watch three video daily
Spin in every 1 hour 5 times a day
upload a video after few days gap
invite your friend
You will get 3 gram means 16$ every friend who accepted your invitation. Created his/her account through your link and passed level 1. It is simple to earn money from gram free. After you completed 500 gram in your account you can withdraw it to your bank account.


Freelancing is also a way to earn money online from different countries. Millions of people are doing freelancing and earning a lot at present. In freelancing you have to find your client. Who need to complete his work but he is unable to do. Many companies are searching freelancer now a days to complete their task. You can use your ability and talent from your home to their task. That may be website development, logo design, graphics design, android or ios app development, and many more. Different freelancing sites you can use to get client. Such that etc.

Affiliate marketing

In affiliate marketing you have to shell products of different companies through online medium by the help of your affiliate link of your product. For example amazon affiliate, different hosting affiliate, Ali express affiliate etc. Click here to read our latest post

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