Top 10 youtube channel of the world in 2021- most subscribed youtube channel list

Top 10 YouTube channel of the world in 2021

We all know that YouTube is free video sharing website where we can easily see videos online. People can also earn lots of money from YouTube by sharing their videos in YouTube. Today millions of people are sharing their videos in YouTube and making money. YouTube will pay you according to advertisement shown in your video. YouTube have their own policy of earning money. The people/ company who want to share their video in YouTube then they most have to create YouTube channel. Today millions of channel are there in YouTube. It is difficult to know which one is on the top. So here the list of top 10 subscribed YouTube channel in world.


T series, top 10 YouTube channel, t series youtube
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 1 T-series

T-series is the most subscriber gained youtube channel of the world in YouTube. T series is an Indian biggest music and film making company. It is super cassettes industries private limited. T series was founded by gulsan kumar in 1983. At present T series is the no 1 YouTube channel of YouTube. T series has more than 180 million subscriber at present.

Cocomelon, top 10 YouTube channel, most subscribed youtube channel
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  2  Cocomelon

Cocomelon has more than 110 million of subscriber in YouTube. Cocomelon is an American kid TV. Cocomelon is an American youtube channel and streaming median show for babies. All the videos that are uploaded in cocomelon YouTube channel are only for babies. Most of the videos are nursery rhymes.

Pewdiepie, top 10 YouTube channel, most subscribed youtube channel
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  3 PewDiePie

pewdiepie is the 2nd top YouTube channel of the YouTube in the world. This is the personal channel. On any company are involved in it. Now it has more than 109 million of subscriber. The owner of pewdiepie is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is a swidish Internet personality and comedian. He entertain people through video.

Set india, top 10 YouTube channel
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4 SET India

Set India is an Indian entertainment youtube channel ranking in top 4 most subscribed channel of the world. This was launched in November 21, 1995. It is organized by Indian company Sony pictures networks India. Set India is most popular TV show of India and have produced many popular show such as CID, Aahat, indian idol, super dancer, crime petrol etc. It headquartered in Mumbai. The main language of show is hindi.

Kids Diana show, top 10 YouTube channel, most subscribed youtu e channel
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  5 Kids Diana Show

Kids diana show is an Ukrainian youtube channel which is in top 5 most subscribed youtube channel in the world. More than 77 million of people have subscribed this channel. This channel is featuring a girl named Diana. Who is 6 years old. All the videos are related to babies.

6) WWE

7) 5-minute crafts

8) Like Nastya

9) Zee Music Company

10) Canal kondzilla

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