Malayalam director Ali Akbar quits Islam and become Hindu 2021

Malayalam director Ali Akbar quits Islam and become Hindu

Well known Malayalam director Ali Akbar has recently announced that he no longer belongs to any religion and his family will also have no religion. Ali Akbar also said that we are against those who are celebrating this painful death of CDS General Bipin Rawat and I am leaving Islam from today, my family will not have any religion.

Ali Akbar had posted a video on Facebook criticizing Islamists who were making fun of the death of CDS General Bipin Rawat.

Ali Akbar’s account was closed for 1 month after indecent comments came on Ali Akbar’s video. After that Ali Akbar created a new account and he posted that from today I am leaving Islam and I and my family will not have any religion. He also said that his account was closed within 5 minutes for speaking against those who put emojis and he is not supporting those people, Ali Akbar is not agreeable to this.

After that Ali Akbar changed his name from Ali Akbar to Ram Singh and he said that from today people will know me as Ram Singh. Ramasimhan is that great person who died in connection with the culture of Kerala. I said tomorrow Ali Akbar will be known as Ram Singh and that is the best name.

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Let us tell you that Ramsimhan is the person who left Islam with his family and became a Hindu. That’s why he was brutally killed by the Islamists in 1947 along with his family. Ramasimhan along with his brother, his brother’s wife and three more people were brutally killed by the jihadists of Islamist on the 2nd August. Which happened just 2 weeks before India got independence.

Ali Akbar talked to his family about converting to religion and then changed religion after that. He also said that he is now throwing away the clothes he was born in.

Ali Akbar had also posted on Facebook the names and pictures of those who had made fun of the death of CDS General Bipin Rawat.
Ali Akbar had told all the things on Janam TV and also told about the Islamists running against the country.

Seeing this celebration of Islamists online, Ali Akbar expressed his objection through a Facebook video and after this the National Award winning actor also said that he will now leave Islam.

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