You are currently viewing ( Pushpa: The Rule) Pushpa 2 full movie release date, cast, budget

( Pushpa: The Rule) Pushpa 2 full movie release date, cast, budget

In this we all going to tell you all about (Pushpa The Rule) pushpa 2 full movie. Here is every detail that you need.

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Pushpa: The Ruleis the second part of Pushpa movie. The maker of Pushpa Movie had already told that Pushpa Movie will be released in 2 parts, Part 1 ( Pushpa The Rise) and Part 2 ( Pushpa The Rule) which the first part has been released and is currently creating panic in the cinemas. Pushpa part 1 was released in the cinema on 17 December. And on the very first day it created panic at the box office. Pushpa Movie became the biggest grossing movie in the first day of 2021. Let me tell you that Pushpa Movie made a box office collection of 73 crores from all over the world on the very first day.

People who have watched Pushpa Movie Part One is eagerly waiting that when will Pushpa Movie Part 2 come and how will it be because the story is not over in Pushpa Movie Part One. Which will be known only when the second part of Pushpa movie comes. that’s why millions of fans of Allu Arjun is waiting for Pushpa The Rise from world.

The name of the first part of Pushpa movie was Pushpa the Rise and its second part name is Pushpa The Rule. Which is officially announced by the Film maker of pushpa and actor Allu Arjun.

Pushpa 2 full movie release date

The director of Pushpa Movie has said that the script of Part 2 of Pushpa Movie is ready, just shooting is yet to start and shooting will start very soon. You all will get to see Pushpa Movie not in 2022 but in the beginning of 2023 or by the end.

As you know that the part one of any movie creates panic at the box office and the film becomes a superhit, then everyone is eagerly waiting for part 2 that when that movie will be released in the cinema. Just like KGF Chapter One created panic at the box office and there is an obsession among people to watch KGF Chapter 2, similarly some scenes are being made for Pushpa Part Two.

Going by the box office collections so far, it looks like Pushpa Movie will become Allu Arjun’s highest grossing film if it continues like this in the cinema halls for a few days.In this movie you will get to see Allu Arjun as lead actor and Rashmika Mandanna as lead actress which is being directed by Sukumar.

You will get to see Pushpa 2 in many languages, which has already been confirmed by film maker. you will get to see Pushpa 2 in Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam etc.

Allu Arjun has previously confirmed that Pushpa Part 2 will be a very flashy and terrifying film, full of action and this Part 2 will come soon. You people know that due to Pushpa movie being a superhit, all the fans of Allu Arjun have increased in the world and are eagerly waiting for Pushpa 2.

Allu Arjun talking about Pushpa 2 movie

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