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Source code movie watch now 2021 explained, review and cast

Source code movie 2021

“Source Code” is a sci-fi thriller movie that depicts the life of Captain Colter Stevens, played by Jake Gyllenhaal. Capt. Stevens wakes up in a strange pod”. The movie is directed by Duncan Jones and produced by Mark Gordon; Jordan Wynn; Philippe Roussellet. Main featured starrings of this movie is Jake Gyllenhaal; Michelle Monaghan; Vera Farmiga; Jeffrey Wright.

The IMDb rating of this movie is 7.5 out of 10 and 84% of people like this movie on Google feed.

Let’s talk about investment, The total investment budget of this movie was $39.1 million and the box office collection from worldwide is $147.3 million. It means there is more than 3 times profit of investment.

Cast of source code movie

ActorAct as
Jake GyllenhaalColter Stevens
Vera FarmigaColleen Goodwin
Jeffrey WrightDr. Rutledge
Michael ArdenDerek Frost
Russell PetersMax Denoff
Cas AnvarHazmi
Michelle MonaghanChristina Warren
Scott BakulaColter’s Father
Kyle GatehouseCollege Student
Clarice ByrneSecretary
Tom TammiCNN Anchor
James A. WoodsAviator Glasses Guy
Brent SkagfordGeorge Troxel
Gordon MastenConductor
Craig Thomas Gold Watch Executive
Susan Bain Nurse
Paula Jean HixsonCoffee Mug Lady
Joe CobdenLab Technician
Anne Day-JonesOffice Manager
Kyle AllattAide
cast of source code movie

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