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Top 5 space agencies of the world at present

Top 5 space agencies of the world

We all know that today is the age of science and technology. Everyone want to know that what is outside of earth. what happening outside of earth but impossible to know about that information without using science and technology. It is impossible for single people. So, to study the outside of earth (it’s means space) many national and international space agency are founded. From all space agencies of the world top 5 world ranking space agencies are here. This data is for 2021.

The data of top 5 space agencies are below;


The Indian Space Research Organization(ISRO) is the space agency of
the government of the India.Which is headquartered in Bangulare.
ISRO was formed by Dr.Vikram sarbhal on 15 Aug,1969.Dr.
Vikram sarbhal is also known as the father of the Indian space program.
Its vision is to”hardness space technology for national development while
pursing space science research and planetary exploration”.
The Indian National Committee for Space Research(INCOSPAR) was established in the tenure of Jawaharlal Nehru under the Department of Atomic Energy(DAE)in1962, with the urging of scientists Vikram Sarabhai recognizing the need in space research. INCOSPAR frew and become ISRO in 1969. In 1972, the Government of India set up a space Commission and the Department of Space (DOS) bringing ISRO under the DOS. Due to the establishment of ISRO thus institutionalized space research activities in India. Still, it is managing by DOS. The powerful rocket of ISRO is GSLV MK 3. The yearly budget of ISRO is  1.6 billion USD.


ROSCOSMOS is a Russian government space agency. It’s full name is ROSCOSMOS State Corporation For Space Activities.It was headquartered in Moscow, Russia. Before 2015 it is only known by name ROSCOSMOS. The first director of ROSCOSMOS was Yuri Koptev. The first satellite of ROSCOSMOS was launched in 1957.which is Sputnik 1. ROSCOSMOS was the first space agency that transferred man into space.
.The yearly budget of ROSCOSMOS is 2.77 billion USD.

3: ESA
It was founded in 1975. ESA has 22 nation members and headquartered in Paris.Present CEO is Johann Dietrich Worner. The yearly budget of ESA is 6.9 billion USD.ESA has the second-best success rate.

2: CNSA  :
CNSA was founded in 1993. Before founding CNSA. it was called the ministry of space. which was established in 1956 AD. Further in 1993 ministry of Space was divided into
two space agencies. These are CNSA and CASE. Its headquarter is in Beijing of China. The powerful rocket of CNSA is LONG MARCH 3. The yearly budget of CNSA is 2.3 billion USD.

1: NASA : 1st from top 5 space agencies

NASA is a space organization of America. Which was founded on 29th July 1958,
in association with the US government. it stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration.Till now CNSA has launched four lunar vehicles. They are CHANG”E 1, CHANG”E 2, CHANG”E 3 and CHANG”E 4.The headquarter of NASA is in washing town DC of America. Around 18000 people are working in NASA from the world countries.
According to the Indian newspaper “THE TIMES OF INDIA,” 36% of NASA scientists are Indian. The yearly budget of NASA is 20.7 billion USD.

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