Free Fire Banned 

Free fire is a second most popular video game in India but it is banned in india now. More than millions of free fire fan's are unhappy from this news. Let's know the reason behind it 

Why free fire banned in india

Garena Free Fire, the popular battle royale game, was banned in India on February 14 along with 53 other apps by the Ministry of Home Affairs. The is lots of reason of behind this.

Why free fire banned in india

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Garena free fire is not a Chinese company. Garena free fire is located in Singapore but the company is selling user data to Chinese company. Due to which indian government banned garena free fire.

The garena free fire app was already missing from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store a day before news of the ban broke. Singapore-based developer Garena has now provided an update on the situation.

Garena free fire 

Garena free fire is the most downloaded video game in India.

All free fire gamer are angry with this news

In past Pubg was banned. Now free fire is banned 

Free fire player  aspects that it will unban in future.

It's not fixed now that free fire will arrive in future


Garena free fire, a Singaporean video game

Free fire, ? one of the most popular video game


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